DIY Jeweled Gloves

DIY Jeweled Gloves Gift Idea 
- DIY Gift Idea -
After seeing a pair of blingy leather gloves from H&M it was yet another you can make these sort of moments. The H&M versions are definitely the lovely, unexpected gifts that are always welcome because they're needed and special but as is often the case, they happen to be hard to find. Especially now in gifting season but something else unexpected, these DIY versions were pretty easy to make.

Any pair of black gloves will do and if they're cotton, all the better. These here are my favorite vintage Alexette Grandoe gloves which is sort of ironic if you look at my new Cire by Grandoe gloves previously posted here along with crystals and earrings from The Limited. A few jewels, jewel tack glue, playing around with designs and some time to dry was all that was needed.
DIY Jeweled Gloves Gift Idea
Gloves: Vintage Alexette Grandoe
Bag: Custom c/o Bags of Love

Image: mam for Gave That


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