Bags of Love

Bags of Love personalised photo canvas tote bagBags of Love personalised photo canvas and leather tote bag shopperBags of Love photo tote bag

A really delicious surprise came today! London based Bags of Love turned this picture into a bag! Can you imagine all the possibilities? At first the thought of galaxy prints came to mind but then that wouldn't have been as personal, still utterly cool, but this I love more now that it's here. This made me think how special it could be to let a budding designer or illustrator create their own bag or to create bags with cute little grand babies all over them. Of course bags are just the start, a complete set of Paris or NYC pillows... done. A throw covered in a very special birthday party... can be done too. See more personalised gifts here.

Bag: c/o Bags of Love, big thank you!

Image: mam & Magda for Gave That


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