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Soothing skin finds that are perfect as just because gifts including Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream Burts Bees intense moisture line and loccitane hand creams The Review
Even though it's still been very warm to downright hot, it feels as if some sort of switch has been flipped. One that causes the air to become very dry and everything to turn parched. Especially skin. Luckily a few lifesavers have recently revealed themselves and they were too good not to give or mention here.

The first major find which I am so thankful for is a beauty guide penned by Helena Rubinstein and since it's very vintage and obscure I wanted to share a bit here. Specifically her dry, problem skin suggestions... the scourge of fall and winter. Helena recommends a double cleanse, one with a foamy cleanser immediately followed with a cream cleanser (tissue off latter). Then some toner (see rose water recipe here) and a good moisturizer. It seemed a little harsh with all that washing but since following this regime my skin has shown some of the most positive change I've ever seen.

Almost simultaneously with the above I've been testing the entire new Intensive Moisture line by Burt's Bees with the main ingredient Clary Sage. Despite being very rich feeling my skin actually took to it and did not rebel. The thick, creamy Burt's Bees cleanser (their Sensitive cotton based one works too) with Helena's technique = magic. Really only one product from the collection is needed because they all seem to have both the same ingredients and consistency, even the mask which never dries. Other favorites for the season include the classic Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which is not really a cream but a salve that helps the lips, wind burn and chapping. Then tubes of L'Occitane hand cream in Shea Butter and the lighter Lavender formula which has been a go to gift and repurchase time and again.

Burt's Bees Intensive Moisture line courtesy of BzzAgent, hand cream c/o L'Occitane.

Image: mam for Gave That


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