Packing It In

Road trip packing list ideas for traveling this summer
Truth serum: packing everything up isn't always the problem, it's trying to get everything back home. Room is always so precious and it can be hard to leave any smidgen for gifts picked up along the way, but what's really been of help are things that come in their own compact packages. Some oldie but goodies include my beloved CitySlips with built in reusable tote and the Hold Me makeup bag (for what's typically inside see here). Also the previously featured PurifiCup for filtering tap water on the fly and BassBuds in their little velvet pouch. A tiny can of Ozium never hurts either, if it's a road trip.

Some newer finds are these silk and cotton TravelLiner sheets and pillow case by Sea To Summit which come in sleeping bag and double wide bed sizes. For someone who would bring their own linens (raises hands) this is beyond, beyond. Then a little meal kit by Light My Fire and Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall (get it here at CampingSurvival). Inside are a spork, cutting board/colander, bowls and cup.

For the rest see my previous post here. Happy travels everyone!

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