DIY Camera Film Gift Bows

How to make your own gift bows out of camera film OR washi paper tape wrapping paper old newspaper comics or recycled magazine pages
After finding an old and, unfortunately, exposed roll of film a few days ago I wanted to see if it could be turned into a classic knotless gift bow with a twist. Here's the result and how you can make your own camera film gift bow too!
DIY Camera Film Gift Bows step by step tutorial

What You Will Need:
- 2 pieces of camera film 10 inches long (25.4 cm)
- 2 pieces of camera film 8 inches long (20.32 cm)
- 1 pieces of camera film 2 inches long (5.08 cm)
- 1 stapler
- Tape or glue dots

How To Do It:
1) The above measurements should equal 1 roll of 24 exposure film. For a fuller bow or if you have more film double everything, 4 pieces 10 inches long and 2 pieces 8 inches long. Taking each cut strip of film fold the each end inward to the middle and staple, forming a loop at each end. Repeat with each pieces of film except the 2 inch piece which should be rolled into a round circle and stapled closed.

2) Taking two of the film pieces arrange them into a crisscross or "X" form and staple the middle. Repeat on the next two. Take these "X" shaped film pieces and crisscross them on top of one another so loops fill in all the empty spaces. Push them down the center a staple. The last step is to staple the circular loop into the center of the finished bow. For more see the video below:
Finished DIY Camera Film Gift Bows on a present by gift wrap blog Gave That

These same steps can be used to create gift bows out of all sorts of other materials as well including Japanese washi paper tape (see here), wrapping paper, natural papers (see here), newspaper comics, ribbon and recycled magazine pages. Since these aforementioned materials are thinner compared to the camera film doubling to make it full is necessary (see here). For the above bow embellished with buttons see my past post here and lot's more gift wrap ideas be sure to visit the gift design inspiration area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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