Masking Tape Knotless Bows

mam for gift wrapping blog gave that masking tape wrapped gift

After ogling so many Japanese Washi paper adhesive tapes, in all their bright colors and sweet prints I wondered if, in a pinch, you could get a similar effect using plain out masking tape. Using a patterned ink stamp and some baby blue ink, the masking tape was covered in little doodle flowers. The easy part was wrapping it around the gift as you would for a ribbon. Making the bow was a little more time consuming because the tape needed a backing. Plain out white, recycled paper was used and a classic knot-less bow shape did the trick.

how to make the masking tape gift bows and the materials needed making tape scissors ink pad rubber stamps white paper

I'm going to invest in some real Washi tapes as I can see what a savior these can be and a less permanent choice to plastic deco tapes.

masking tape wrapped gift bow

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Image: mam for Gave That


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