DIY Deep Sea Candles

DIY sea shell candles using real sea shells and blue gel wax 
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 It's probably the 90 degree weather today and finding an absolutely lovely beachy fragrance for summer that's caused all things sand and surf on the mind. These candles are deceptively easy to make and keep all of those vacation collected sea shells firmly in one place and on display.

Materials needed to make your own sea shell deep sea candles

What You Will Need:
- Sea Shells
- Glue Dots
- Candle wick
- Candle wick base plate
- Large plain, clear glass container
- Blue gel wax (or clear gel wax and blue gel wax dye)

How To Do It:
Essentially the steps are the same for making the tea cup candles shown here, following the directions on the particular gel wax brand you have. The only difference is that it's important to try and pour the melted gel wax all at one time and not in different layers because this will be seen when looking through the candle. Also to keep the sea shells in place while pouring the gel wax, use glue dots to attach them to the bottom of the jar. Something extra, attach branches of coral to the lid. For more on doing this see my previous DIY post here.

Sea shells in the gel candle
Coral on top of a candle DIY project

Image: mam for Gave That


Jelly wax can make such beautiful decor pieces...really outstanding. I am amazed to see such beautiful decor pieces in your site. Keep going...!!!

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