DIY Deep Sea Bottles

DIY sea shell topped vintage glass bottles gift and decor idea project
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Here is another version of the sea shell topped bottles last seen here. Along with sea shells, what would look really pretty... dried starfish or puffy (yet hallow) sea urchins. Even faux coral from the pet shop's aquarium section or most craft stores. Most have or can have a little hole poked in them, a dot of glue and then stuck on top of the pointy metal caps of old cologne, aftershave or oil & vinegar bottles. Something that seems omnipresent at junk and antique shops, flea markets and grandma's attic.

Pointy metal cap of the vintage cologne bottle needed to do this projectGlass jars topped with white coral branchesMake your own sea shell topped bottles using vintage glass bottles and sea shells starfish or sea urchins or faux coralBlue glass jars with white coral DIY project

Image: mam for Gave That


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