DIY Gift Wrap Lined Envelopes

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This is a way I've been using bits of left over wrapping paper for years... use it to line your envelopes. Lined envelopes are such a luxury today but so simple to DIY.

Taking the envelope you're looking to line, place it on top of your wrapping paper and trace around it using a pencil. Leave 1/2 inch off the bottom as you cut out your lining. You may also need to trim a smidgen off the sides of your lining paper so that it slips easily inside your envelope. Using a glue stick, lightly tack down your lining paper to the inside of your envelope. (For step by step instructions see the video below)

Tissue paper, while a little harder to work with, looks beautiful as well. Any crinkles in either gift wrap or tissue papers can be ironed out using a low heat setting.

For more ideas see my GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS section of the blog.

Image: mam for Gave That | Video: Magda & mam for Gave That


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