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A little while ago I posted how to wrap books with their very own bookplate attached but one of my absolute favorite styles is to use simple brown paper, hemp twine and wax seals. Prior to the invention of clear adhesive tape in the 1930's, packages and gifts were quite often bundled up like this. Especially if they were going on a long journey.

For this one, instead of using the hot glue trick, this seal uses traditional sealing wax. It's harder to work with but the results are really worth it.

Wax seal : Stuart Houghton
Sealing wax: peddler from revolutionary war reenactment

For more gift wrap looks and techniques see my gift design ideas area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


TaraMetBlog said…
I bought a wax stamper a few years ago. I wish I used it more, but love receiving letters or other items with it.
Gave That said…
Me too Tara, people have told me even the traditional sealing wax has held up in the post machines, so it's worth a try. Especially around VDay & the holidays. Thank you for coming by! -M

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