DIY Christmas Wax Seals

mam for gift wrap blog gave that Christmas red wax seal gift wrap idea garland

Loving with a capital "L" all that you can do with garlands to wrap up your gifts. This one combines another love, wax seals, created this time using glittery glue sticks. The nice thing about glue sticks, unlike real sealing wax, is you can use rubber stamps along with traditional metal seals.

mam for gift wrap blog gave that red wax seals garland and sealing wax seal stamp

Going DIY: Using some fancy yarn a lovely lady gave me a while ago I laid it out on some aluminum foil. Taking the hot glittery glue I pooled it up on various points along the length of the yarn. Pushing the wax sealing stamp down and lifting it off once the glue cooled and became hard. Once all my seals were done I tore the excess aluminum foil away from the sides of each. The foil provides a backing.

The idea from this came from a campy vintage book called Crafts with Sealing Wax where they showed how to make a necklace of wax seals(!). This garland can be cut into pieces for bookmarks or tied in a loop to make a necklace too once your gift is unwrapped.

mam for gift wrap blog DIY Christmas Wax Seals garlands

Watch this video to see how I created the above wax seals:

Image: MAM for Gave That

>> For more gift wrap style looks see my wrapping page here and see more wax seals here!


TM Kaske said…
Gorgeous! Why have I never tried this?
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for saying that TK! It seems like the 60's was filled with such fab crafting ideas, has been fun searching them out. -M

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