Red Wax Seals

RitzyMisfit etsy wax seal pendentmam for wax seal wrapped gift zingerman balsamic vinegarzingerman balsamic vinegar red wax seal

Red wax seals are an absolute favorite of mine because they are, in most cases, imperfect yet elegant in a rustic sort of way. So get a kit and stamp away! Especially on top of bottles like this gorgeous Balsamic vinegar from Zingerman's, $14. or give someone their initial in a very unique way. Love this metal red seal pendent from RitzyMisfit designer Brooke Mortensen in the UK, $30.

Image: (pendent) RitzyMisfit etsy | MAM for GaveThat

See my wax seal garland gift wrap here.


Drafting Chairs said…
Really these are more beautiful seals as compare to previous...
Thank you for the post..

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