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Thank you Chocri Chocolate for allowing me to be a virtual chocolatier for the day. A few days ago a box from Switzerland Germany arrived and inside were 3 very large bars, as seen above, created at the Chocri website where one can create their very own chocolates. This takes gourmet to the next level for sure.

The possibilities seem endless but one major point of Chocri, who has recently broke into the US market, is some of the rather exclusive ingredients you can add to your candy. For instance a mixture of edible flowers sprinkled on top, gold flakes, salts and spicy nuts. I chose candied violets because I'm creating lavender and violet cocktails for a spring get together. Where else are you likely to be able to do the same without much hassle? Think of the wedding and shower possibilities here.

Bars of Belgian chocolate start at around $5.90 and ingredients rage from .80 cents to around $2. Give yourself plenty of time as my bars took about 3 weeks to arrive. You'll also want to check out Chocri's work with Div Kinder which aims to help children on the Ivory Coast.

My Choices:
- Milk chocolate with toffee chips and walnuts (an attempt at the classic Chocolate Turtle)
- White chocolate and candied violets
- Dark chocolate and salted pretzels

Doing a little impromptu chocolate tasting our experiences of Chocri's chocolate was creamy, smooth mouth feel all throughout, not too sweet (like American chocolate can often be) and not overpowering to the other ingredients. A hint of fruitiness and just plain very good.

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Thank you for trying us out!

Just two little comments: We ship the bars from Germany, and just changed our shipping provider, so we should be MUCH faster now :)

Thanks for the feedback!
Carmen from chocri

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Thank you Carmen, that sounds fab!

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