2010 : Get Ready

mam for GaveThat.com red velvet pancakes
mam for GaveThat.com audio technica headphones
mam for GaveThat.com DL co candlesmam for GaveThat.com antiquemam for gavethat.com wax seal package

What Have We Here?
  • A Few Luscious Gifts (D.L. & Co.)
  • Old Lace & Chandelier Crystals for Spring
  • Brown Packages Covered In Wax Seals

New Year Resolutions?

At first I was going to make the very cliché resolution to make no resolutions this year but then I thought why pass up an opportunity to publicly embarrass oneself? So...
- (and this is a big one) make choices and decisions that maintain strong connections, foster fun and exploration. This includes more activity based giving.
- Distill everything down to things I absolutely love (hear that massive vintage collection!).
- Reinvent
- Drink enough water and always take my vitamins so...
- I can show you everything as it comes at me.

These seem doable. What say you!? Thank you DaMag for such a lovely day!

Image: Magda & MAM for GaveThat.com


Anonymous said…
This is FABULOUS! Scenes from a perfect day. Now that's the way to start a new year. Please be sure to post the recipe for the Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Utterly decadent!
Gave That said…
I promise!! And stole your use of "decadent"! xoxo-M
ByLightOfMoon said…
Your thoughts and photos are awesome! I agree with them totally!
smiles, Cyndi
Gave That said…
Thank you so much Cyndi, so far so good! (ha!) Wishing you much peace, M
HereBeDragons said…
Those pancakes are crazy red!

Oh yes. I love sealing wax!

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