vlog: Wishlist Pick Headphones

For the longest I've been wanting to share something that is topping many wish lists... old school style headphones that have the added benefit of being noise canceling. These are so helpful, especially for those who frequently travel or take mass transit, and are now seen hanging off many a handbags handles. After trying a bunch out I settled on a pair that I later found out might have quality issues, so far so good but when you plunk down $100. or more bucks for a pair you expect them to last and perform. The Audio Technica headphones above totally trounced mine in sound quality and were also amazingly more comfortable. Dr. M of Eclectic Sound made a great video about the latest Audio Technica models including the same one recommended by tech blogger Xeni Jardin (Boing Boing Video). I give them major thumbs up as well after putting them through the rigors.

mam for GaveThat.com audio technica headphones
Pictured: Rojas coat + Audio-Technica "ATH-ANC7b" headphones + Gryson bag + Vintage gloves

Vlog: Dr. M Image: Magda for GaveThat.com.


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