Our Holiday Wish List - What We Would Love

An Eclectic Mix

The little sister to the YSL Y-Mail we mentioned before, the Kate Spade Par Avion Nikolette clutch is adorably odd (also see Kate's Par Avion shopper/tote), The Amazon.com Kindle is one of the few electronic book devices that actually reads like ink and paper instead of glare and pixels and lastly the Anthropologie Pocket Mirror adds some old glam to your bag. Check out the monogram--we all need monograms because of...

A Whole New Style

Not surprisingly things seem to be taking on a Grapes of Wrath like aesthetic... from the bits of junk woven together to produce beautiful Steam Punk pieces to rolled, paint splattered, ripped up boyfriend jeans to Rodarte's spider web knits. Add a FEED bag, Tom's shoes and some Ann Demeulemeester boots and you're there. Is this the new look and feel of 2009? A year when it's not all about the crisp and new but instead the well made and worn well (or out).
originalgood.com Joy-Full Goods Bracelet

A Joy-Full Goods bracelet from Original Good, an online catalog filled with fair trade, green, give twice gifts. This bracelet, $17.99, is handmade by artisans of Tara Projects, a fair trade organization on the outskirts of Delhi, India. Tara Projects creates employment and educational opportunities for local artisans, and is a leader in the movement against child labor. Look at their entire catalog for many other gift finds that give back.
harlequinfeltworks etsy

Can life get any better? A scarf that turns you into a blue rose. Harlequinfeltworks, $200. The red is a looker too!
Battered Love sweater pin by Accents by Dave

With all of our warm, cozy sweaters we need sweater pins badly! This one, "Battered Love", by Accents by Dave looks so much like Alexander Calder which we covered in the past and is such a steal at only $18.00.
steam punk keyhole cuff links

Show your inner Profesor Aubrey Thistlequick with these unique Steam Punk cuff links, $25.00, by LondonParticulars.

Most Of All

We want the things that cannot be bought! Warm hugs, kind words, the chance to give a helping hand and most of all good health. Here at GaveThat.com we want to wish one and all a really happy holidays and a safe New Year filled with much promise!

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