Best Friend Gift Ideas : The Return of the Friendship Bracelet

Hollywood Brings Back The Friendship Bracelet

Orka Mesica bracelet
Has Lindsay Lohan Found The Perfect Best Friend Gift for 2008?

Recently we've been eyeing more and more Hollywood starlets sporting simple and even downright dainty black beaded bracelets in place of the once favorite CC Sky chains and Kidada Jones leather wraps. Turns out these little bracelets are the new friendship bracelet with BFF's going back to school days in a rather updated and luxe way. Each Orka Mesica Friendship bracelet by artist Orit Mesica is created out of simple black wood beads and 14K gold spacers for a unique contrast of rustic and fine jewelry design.

The black beads themselves remind me of Middle age beads created out of rose petals... the original rosary beads that are almost impossible to find nowadays. These bracelets have been showing up on the arms of Audrina Patridge, Nicky Hilton, Lauren " L C " Conrad, Ali Landry, and Lindsay Lohan. Too bad they don't make larger sizes for men but maybe that'll be next for the Israeli born turned CA based designer.

Tip: Many of the luxe bracelet makers secretly sell their pieces for up to 80% off or more through online sample sale websites. These free to join sites require someone to invite you but do not fear we have the invitation codes you need. In many cases while the sales are going on the same bracelets being snapped up at Kitson are still selling for full price to some unsuspecting starlet so these sites are stalk worthy.

For a DIY version inspired by the above bracelet, see my little black beaded bracelet here.

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