20 More Gifts To Give Yourself

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After compiling a list of 50 Simple Gifts To Give Yourself a few months back I found that I had more ideas tucked away... so here are an extra 20 to get you through the first few months of the new year.

1) Place a sprig of dried lavender in your underwear drawer.

2) Record live music sessions/concerts on your Mp3 player or smart phone and treat yourself through your commute (this also makes a great gift to share with someone).

3) Play dress up. Especially with vintage.

4) Go shopping in your own closet (turn your closet into your own version of a high end boutique, once you see what you really have you'll be less likely to buy more or duplicates).

5) Wrap your credit card in electrical tape... the reasons are pretty self explanatory. Use cash and do not use it when you haven't any about. Rediscover the fine art of scrimp and save.

6) Sign up for your communities or states membership to the arts. In many cases membership is free and they give you a card that is good for discounts and special reduced pricing for tickets to events. Be sure to sign up for their e-mail newsletters as well. You can discover many free events that never make it to your local newspaper.

7) Pick an actor from the past that you adore or admire. Then go to your local library or use your Netflix account (yes it's addictive!) to borrow every movie available featuring this person. Read their biography. It may take you a while but it's highly rewarding. This also works well with certain directors such as Hitchcock.

8) Take stock and inventory in your close friendships. Do you find that everyone in your inner circle is a clone of each other? All around the same age and all involved in the same activities as you? If so, why not try to seek out someone who is young (such as through a mentoring program) or someone who is older in order to garner some more perspective in life. Studies have found that being involved with differing groups of people can have the positive effect of less illness and a longer lifespan. It's also important to spend as much time as possible around people who practice positive thinking and are thankful for what they have.

9) Learn to cook any way possible. Look into classes at your local community college or park system. If you're in NYC I highly recommend The Institute of Culinary Education for day classes with top chefs and authors. Use the Internet or the library.

10) Become an expert in something. Take out every book in the library, visit museum exhibits if available, seek out lectures and courses. Make is a passion of yours and feel an added glint of fulfillment to be doing what you really want. Many discoveries have been made by passionate hobbyists.

Simple Little Things...

11) Take a refillable cycling water bottle filled with pure water where ever you go, especially in the winter time when it's so easy to get dehydrated.

12) Make or buy a pair of dangle earrings. I've fallen in love with the ones by We Dream In Colour above.

13) Order flowers for yourself online and forget about it. Be surprised on VDay or your birthday. It's incredibly worth it.

14) If you find useful content online and there is a tiny comment link about, take the time to say thanks. The power of gratitude is an amazing one and you will likely encourage the writer to keep going. A win, win for you both.

15) Start a blog or online journal. Researchers have found that writing down your thoughts and dreams can help you achieve your goals and feel more at peace. It's also great for making new connections and picking up a hobby faster. If you already have one, keep writing!

16) Add all of your favorite blogs RSS feeds to your smartphone and keep up on the go.

17) Join a book club or start your own. Having deep conversations with passionate people who are on the same page (ha!) can be deeply therapeutic.

18) Join 43 Things online, it's free and can help you keep track of your dreams for the year.

19) Join Twitter! You've probably seen twitter and tweeting making it's way into every magazine and website by now. The reason? It has so many beneficial uses. Many use it to keep their friends up to date or get the latest news as it breaks but you can find more invaluable meaning. Twitter can show you a sobering view of how your life is really going. This reflection can be used to make corrections before the things that bring you unhappiness become too ingrained. So make an account, set it to private if you must, follow people you like and start tweeting updates or the things you're grateful for. Use it as a mini journal. Many do a lot of talking on twitter but it's true usefulness if when you take the time to listen. Every few months look over your tweets and ask, does this sound like a happy or grateful person? Is my year going how I hoped it would go? What tweaks do I need to make? If you want to follow me and join in on the gift of giving add @gavethat . See you there!

20) The next time you look in the mirror before heading out the door, do not scrutinize, blow kisses to your reflection and take flight.

Do you have a simple gift that you give yourself? Something that revives you or gives you a quick jolt of joy? Share it with us and our readers by leaving a comment!

Image: copyright We Dream In Colour via Etsy.

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I think I am going to print this out! I would like to remind myself of this sometimes! Love those earrings! WOW! You blog is great!
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for your kind words Lavender Dreamer and I hope that it prints out alright. My hope was that with this new design things would print out better but admit I have not tested that yet... those earrings are to die for and there are necklaces and rings too all super delicious as well. Hope everyone checks them out! Be well, M.
What a great list! I especially love #20.
Blowing kisses!
Patricia :o)
Gave That said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Patricia, I figured why wait for someone else to do it (blow kisses?). Be proactive {snicker}. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for commenting here.
Sophie said…
I'm definitely adding your blog to my regular reads. I love what I've seen so far.

I think I might order flowers for my birthday which is in October! Plenty of time to forget about it after I order!
Joey said…
i love spoiling myself with dangle earrings.
Gave That said…
That's the spirit Sophie! I know I've got something special coming my way this VDay--I'm all for taking matters into your own hands and in many cases others will notice and follow suit.

I hope so much that you will keep coming back, reading and commenting too. This month I have a ton of what I hope so be cool posts that should go love daily. Thank tou so much for your kind words & be well!

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