Gift of Socks

Socks by Smart Wool Goldtoe and Ozone
On this chilly day of 20ºF can we take a moment to talk about socks? While they're probably one of the most panned gift ideas recently something about them popped up in my pinterest feed. Even though socks are one of the most needed things by the homeless and displaced, they're also the least donated. They're actually almost never donated which gave me a real Homer Simpson, "d'oh" moment.

Back to the cold and souls who are more than likely spending lengthy time enduring it also makes what type of socks important. Wool and synthetic blends are the best. Cotton sadly traps moisture and stays wet which can lead to frostbite and getting sick. So if you've been wondering what to donate, socks are it.

Socks: Smart Wool, Goldtoe & Ozone

Image: mam for Gave That


Very thoughtful. Socks also make really cute gifts for family members - especially those designed with a comical flair.

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