DIY Floral Face Oil

DIY Floral Face Oil Gift Idea
Each year our gift guides have traditionally had themes and this year the focus is on highly personalized gifts. Some in this department are unquestionable handmade. Even better simple can be both luxurious and quick to make for last minute gifters. One favorite is this two ingredient face oil customized by skin type. Keep reading for easy recipe and:

The notion that you have to use skincare with lengthy ingredient labels is a myth. It actually only takes one ingredient to give you bad skin and with so many culprits it can be hard to pick out which one it is, let along find a product without it. This year I started to create very simple facial oils and my picky skin has seriously calmed down. Winter and dry indoor heat was always a nightmare but after using this simple concoction at night and sometimes on cheeks under BB cream, my skin has been rather nonplussed by it all.

The two ingredients in this facial oil are Argan oil and an essential oil of your choice based on ones skin needs. Mine here has Rose Geranium in it along with some rose and lavender petals for color. The nice part about Argan oil is it's clear and virtually odorless so it takes on whatever you add to it.

Another great thing about Argan oil is it's gentle and low on the comedogenic scale, unlike virgin coconut oil for example, so it is unlikely to clog pores. You still only need the tiniest bit (one or two drops) to do your whole face and neck with excess that is not absorbed being wiped off. This is rare though thanks to how fast Argan sinks into the skin. It works wonders at plumping the skin and banishing fine lines thanks to a high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids. Add in the Rose Geranium essential oil and you have a great acne fighter that smells amazing.

Here are a few combinations:

Acne prone skin/general blend:  Argan oil + Rose Geranium

40+ / seriously dry skin:  Argan oil + pure Bulgarian rose oil

Scare healing: Argan oil + lavender oil

What You Will Need:

- Pure organic, cold pressed Argan oil
- Pure, organically steam distilled essential oil of your choice
- A glass dropper bottle
- Dried rose petals &/or lavender (optional)

How To Make It:

It's as simple as pouring the Argan oil into a clean (dipped in hot water or microwaved for 6 seconds) glass dropper bottle and adding 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. For sensitive skin you may only want to use 3 drops. Add dried petals of desired, cap and swirl gently. That's it!

Image: mam for Gave That


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