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Making Vellum Candle Shade Lamp Centerpieces on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Some things are worth the paper cuts. Keep reading for this simple centerpiece using vellum, a wine glass and a few tealight candles:
Materials for making vellum candle lamp shades on Gift Style Blog Gave That
With the days growing darker faster little things... candles in particular seem to become more welcome. One way I'm loving their warm glow at the moment is underneath these shades made of vellum. Especially when 1, 2, 6 even are set atop mirrors or on a side table with treats. 
Once you have a few (find similar ones here) the other cool thing is they become templates to trace on sheets vellum at will. Glue on a few crystals or a trim or twine and they become even better.
Finished vellum shade candle lamp using a wine glass and votive
What You Will Need:

- Red wine glasses
- Tealight candles
- Vellum shades as templates
- Sheets of vellum paper
- Scissors
- Glue
- Mirror (optional)
- Flat back crystals (optional)
- Trim such as ribbon or twine (optional)
Tips to Putting Them Together:
  • While it does not call for it I like to add a drop of nail or Crazy Glue to keep the shades from coming apart thanks to the heat of the candle flame.
  • If using in the middle of a table as a centerpiece keep in mind these have a very visible seam and look best grouped in sets of 3 or 4. This way the seams can be turned inward and hidden. Otherwise these are perfect in front of a wall on a side table.

  • Also consider using scented votive candles for entrance ways. For dinning centerpieces, unscented candles will not run the risk of masking the delicious scent and flavor of your food.

Image: mam for Gave That


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