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Fall Jewelry Finds on Gift Style Blog Gave That
As the last of Summer's warmth slips away its been a mad dash around here to enjoy antiquing and flea marketing while we can which has led to some pretty cool vintage finds. Then you have all the sales and coziness of shopping online (hello ShopBop!)... keep reading for a few charming finds for Fall including a new FEED Project bracelet:

Jewelry finds from Shopbop Soufeel Feed Project and vintage shopping on Gift Style Blog Gave That

Thanks in large part to ShopBop and Amazon, stepping into a physical store has been something I've been doing less and less. And this is coming from a very tactile person who loves feeling, smelling, seeing things in person. Item's coming within a day or two fills that I want it now immediacy void not to mention it's so easy to tap and click away to a pre-wrapped gift sent directly to someones desk. There are so many bespoke treasures too.

Speaking of which the charm bracelet company Soufeel recently contacted me about sending over customized samples. 

For the Soufeel bracelet I loved their metallic candy apple red leather bracelet, which looked even prettier in person, against a few of their gold and enamel charms. A tiny Vespa-esk motor scooter, an evil eye, compass and little hands forming a heart sign. Sadly the second time wearing the finished bracelet was the last as it broke, casting itself and all its charms onto a busy leaf covered highway. Somehow I managed to find them one by one only to have to leave my absolute favorite behind, lost forever, the evil eye. It just wasn't worth being run over for. 

My Sis wearing the finished bracelet before it broke.
The FEED 1 Project woven bracelet handmade in Columbia that my Mum was kind enough to give me and my Sis. Find a similar one here.

Necklaces: Vintage, Noir, Sparklepop
Bracelets: FEED Project, c/o Soufeel

Image: mam for Gave That


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