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Because sometimes it's fun to be melodramatic and others to just go to sleep. Keep reading for a simple gift idea harnessing the power of flowers (and what's inside those little boxes):


Something about a hard, frosty winter makes everyone go gaga for flowers and this year... well its been epic. The blooms are in full force and everyone's been extolling the scent of everything from Madonna lilies to red roses as if they're smelling them for the very first time. Memo to self, after a deep freeze give fresh flowers at will

Another way to share the uplifting scent of flowers is through pulse point oils. This has been a go to gift for many years now especially for frequent travelers and those in stressful, albeit, exciting times of their lives (graduation, bridal parties). Housed in tiny bottles that belie how potent they truly are, these little aromatherapy blends usually have no problem making it through check points and are easy to sniff or roll on in times of need (take off!). Dabbing on pulse points such as the crook of your arm or wrists helps the essential oils work their magic by being both absorbed and diffused.

Recently I ordered a few new ones by Nutravana off of Amazon, each created by aromatherapist Tedd Neenan who frequently makes custom colognes for people in his home base of Chicago. Even better they're carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil which has an insanely long shelf life while still being natural. Something that often irked me about pulse point oils in particular is because you only need a tiny bit, they would often go rancid before I could use them up. 

These two oil blends I have here are actually more in tune with my other niche perfume oils as they're blended beautifully and use top notch essential oils. The Sleeptight is lavender based with a tinge of chamomile and Ylang Ylang in the background. The orange blossom adds a little soapiness so the whole blend which smells linen clean and fresh. The other is called Breathe Easy and is really unique. It starts out with a lot of bright citrus thanks to the lemongrass but soon mellows into this deep resinous piney scent. They say pine weirdly calms while energizing and that's exactly what this particular oil does. Note: both of the above now seem sold out but other similar versions by Tedd can be found hereNow I'm seriously thinking of ordering their Stress Relief Neroli, Yland Ylang and Atlas cedar blend because I can oil imagine how heavenly that one must smell.

These oils also come in little gift boxes which was a pleasant surprise. I added a simple black silk ribbon and a few tiny musk rose springs. Someone kindly gave me a sandalwood fan out of the blue recently (thank you I've always wanted one!) which really holds the scent of perfumed oils such as these beautifully. Then I rolled a little on rose petals and tucked them into organza sachets for use under ones pillow. Someone once told me this brings sweet dreams and I believe it. Bundle them all up together and you have a seriously calming gift to dole out, especially en masse.

Find the whole current collection over here .

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