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Vine Gift Wrap with Flower Water Tubes
A few years ago a lovely florist decided to bestow a whole collection of bits and bobs lingering in the back room of their studio. Included were bags and bags of test tube looking things used to keep flowers fresh. If you've got a few left over corsages laying around from prom you're golden for a way to reuse those little tubes. A simple gift wrap look using flowering vines (or fresh herbs), brown craft paper and twine. If not, that's OK too as I'll let you know where to order the floral water tubes needed to keep everything perky. Keep reading for the...


Vines in Water Tubes Gift Wrap Idea
What You Will Need:
- Florist flower water tubes (find similar here)
- Fresh cut vines &/or fresh herbs (here I used honeysuckle and variegated periwinkle)
- Craft or florist paper
- Twine
- Masking or washi tape

How To Do It:
Wrap gifts in paper and secure with double sided tape or masking tape along the underside. Add twine and secure tightly around gift. This will also help to hold vine embellishments in place.

Fill a floral water tube with fresh water, re-cut ends of greenery and push into tube through rubbery cap. Tuck under twine bow and further secure with a piece of masking tape, stretching it across the tube and attaching to craft paper wrapping. Arrange greenery to hide as much of the tube as possible.

And you're done!

Vine Gift Wrap Idea

Image: mam for Gave That


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