Valentia Even Glow + DIY Matcha Mask

Valentia Ever Glow Vitamin C Serum Review and Beauty Gift Find
Continuing on with a fresh skin care start for Spring comes my next discovery... the newly released Valentia Even Glow vitamin C serum and a lovely DIY mask using organic Matcha green tea. Keep reading for the simple recipe and:


Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder DIY Face Mask
It's probably been a bit since I've last cooed over the treasure trove known as Amazon. Who would have thought a place where I use to order hundreds of pounds of books would end up stocking a beauty collection of international porportions. It's major and the discoveries seem never ending. One recent order, after Valentia reached out to me about their launch and which came lightening quick, is this new vitamin C serum  Even Glow. Just by looking at the ingredients, including what it lacked (silicone) I had a feeling this would be love. Weeks later I can confirm, yes it is.

A natural formula without slick silicones it has two all time favorites, Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip seed oils. Rose will forever be a personal holy grail of gentile skin healing and with the current weather fluctuations here on the East Coast there is a whole lot of healing needed. Sea Buckthorn is another oil that my skin is quite familiar with but has been without since running out sometime last year. Valentia's serum reminded me how much my skin has missed it. Sea Buckthorn can be described as liquid glow.

After reading Valentia's Even Glow C serum ingredients I expected something very oily and thick but that turned out not to be the case. Aloe vera based, it's light, gel like, cooling and sinks into your skin quickly without being sticky or tacky. One problem with pure Sea Buckthorn oil is it would really stain my skin golden to the point it would not work under makeup. Valentia's serum, while very golden in the dropper, thankfully is not stain, instead vanishing leaving only a dewy feeling behind.

Along with the Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip seed oils this serum also contains algae extract which is really, really nice to see and smells brightly of citrus from the pink grapefruit essential oil. They shared a simple DIY mask recipe with me which turned out amazing. Here's how to quickly whip up a spa day at home:

DIY Valentia Matcha Green Tea Mask Recipe

What You Will Need:
- Organic Matcha green tea powder
- Even Glow vitamin C serum by Valentia
- Water (I used rose water) or aloe vera gel

How To Do It:

1 - Mix 1 teaspoon of Matcha Powder with a few drops of water or aloe gel and Even Glow  vitamin C serum by Valentia until it is a pasty consistency. If it is too watery, add more powder. If it is too thick, add more water or aloe.

2 - Apply the mask to your face. Preferably with a facial brush to avoid transferring oils from your
fingers to your skin.

3 - Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Then remove with warm water and a soft washcloth.

4 - Follow with your Even Glow Serum and favorite moisturizer.

From using the this serum and the Matcha green tea mask above a lot of the redness and irritation has gone. It does seem extra glowy as well. This will definitely be a part of my Spring skin regime, look for more on that soon. In the mean time find the Even Glow vitamin C serum by Valentia here on Amazon.

Serum c/o Valentia
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