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Tego Cera Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker Gave That

Perfect for cozy nights in and cute as a snowball, Magda tries out the new CERA Bluetooth speaker from Tego Audio and wonders what could have been. Party wise. Keep reading for...


This CERA by Tego is surprisingly one of the first portable speakers I have actually given a thorough review. Up until now I've always preferred a good pair of headphones. This recently changed after I was attempting to have a small get together where I was streaming a movie on one of my laptops. Despite turning the volume up as high as it would go, we all had such a hard time following the movie despite sitting only a few feet away. Especially through intervals of snack crunching. After that a wireless speaker went on my list of things to look into stat.

When I took it from the box I found the size really nice, along the lines of a medium sized round candle, and how you turn it on is definitely cool in design. Press the middle in and it will pop up with a blue glow while it calmly says “turning on”. When you turn on Bluetooth it then says "paring and then connected", after that you're done and can start playing your music. Headache free! The last thing you want to do is give someone something they end up having to endlessly fiddle with. This is go right out the box with its super simple quick start instructions.

Pro’s, its size makes it easy to slip into a bag to take to a party, the pairing is simple with voice prompts, long battery life, on a three hour charge it last between 5 to 7 hours. The little non-slip foot on the bottom keeps it in place and the innovative design pumps out clean sound in an even 360. An included audio cable means it will also work with devices devoid of Bluetooth. Now for the con’s, on the unit there is no actual play/stop button so you have to control that from your device. Minor. So try, buy ,don't buy? I give this a buy and give!

Get yours here.

— Magda K.

Image: mam for Gave That


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