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It seems like October went by quick as a whip (or whippet) but something really lovely that arrived during that time was an order placed with ShopLately. An online marketplace filled with boutiques, many of which sell jewelry. The selection is actually rather massive and I was happily lost for ages looking though bauble after bauble. Then one thing I'd actually been on the lookout for for ages jumped out at me and then another. I'm now convinced if there was ever anything stubbornly elusive on your wish list, it's probably waiting for you in one of this sites many boutiques.

All of the pieces here are from their boutique glint & gleam. One a weighty chain necklace called the Play with Texture that is not only perfect but, well uniquely textured. Something I've yet to come across in my search for the spot on chunky chain. Another were these dainty skeleton key earrings (worn here). Just the sizes I had been searching for. Best of all, instant gratification... they literally came a few days after shipping and each beautifully wrapped. Look for these styled soon!
ShopLately Glint and Gleam Necklace
P1010642Glint and Gleam necklaceShopLately JewelryShopeLately Glint and Gleam Gift Boxes and Bags

Play with Texture, Spiked Luxury and Shining Sphere necklaces, Key to My Heart earrings (set) by glint & gleam c/o ShopLately

Image: mam for Gave That


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