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Loreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder

This autumn something I'm absolutely loving, beauty wise, is the look of super simple nude skin. Day or evening but especially on days like this where we shopped the weekend farmer's market and hit the tennis courts early. Possibly the nudest makeup of them all? Keep reading for...

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Testing out things here and there for the seasonal beauty round up on the blog it started to dawn on me how refreshing minimal makeup was this season. Off duty models such as Joan Smalls always come to mind. Anything in a tube, palette or bottle that promised barely there immediately went on the to try list. L'Oreal's Magic Nude foundation ended up there for a while because it was chronically sold out. Especially in my color. L'Oreal Paris and SheSpeaks kindly sent over a fresh bottle of 316 Nude Beige and asked for a nude look to go with it. For everything I used above see the list below.
Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Foundation Review
The first thing you'll find immediately noticeable when picking up the small ombre bottle is how liquid this foundation is. It literally sounds like water sloshing around which was, for me, a major draw. From that alone there seemed to be the possibility of something light, non-suffocating and minimal. From the Liquid Powder, I thought this might be a tad more matte compared to many of the dewy BB Creams out there. The SPF 18 would further make it a must try as most foundations are the only sunblock my skin will tolerate to date and really the only reason I wear foundation.
Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Foundation being poured on my hand
The hand test: something I've learned to always do prior to purchasing a foundation (thanks to too many bad foundation experiences) is to dab a bit on the back of my hand. If it gives a smooth coverage it's probably going to work great, if the pigment makes a B line for the lines on my hand, leaving the rest of my skin bare, forget it. I've found this can be a real problem with liquid foundation in general, causing everything from blotchy coverage to it sinking deep into pores and highlighting lines. Despite how liquid Magic Nude is I was really surprised how evenly it covered and smoothed out my hand.

Thankfully it did pretty much the same on my face. Using clean fingers as the bottle directed (do not use with a brush or sponge it states on the back label) I smoothed it down my face and noticed a distinctive difference in the amount of redness. Still my skin seemed to peek through. Is it hydrating? No. Instead it's as if you applied one of the most finely milled, creamy powders ever. Leaving behind a really lovely semi-matte effect. But it also means your skin needs to be well hydrated underneath. From the snapshot above I think it held up really well in the blazing sun of the farmer's market and the 5 mile trek afterwards.

For really, really dry skin it's going to have to be exfoliated and moisturized really well and I'm not sure I'll be able to keep using this all the way through winter. When indoor heat is blazing flaky skin likes to appear and this foundation definitely highlights that. Still the best part, along with letting freckles show through, is this is so easy to grab. Magic Nude is in almost every drugstore and comes in a nice selection of both warm and pinker shades. 12 actually.

Look for this to be part of my upcoming autumn beauty faves list along with other earthy finds.
For My Look Today Loreal Magic Nude Nude Beige

I'm wearing above:  Magic Nude Liquid Powder Makeup in 316 Nude Beige - Benefit They're Real beyond mascara - Anastasia Go Brow pencil duo - C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve on lips

Product scent for review from L'Oreal Paris via SheSpeaks, thank you!

Image: mam for Gave That


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