Gave That Lumnique Bespoke Candle Service Gift Find and Review
My love of candles, some may say from looking around the room, boarders on obsession but I know I'm not alone. We are many! Which is why searching out the perfect ones to give is also a slight obsession. This year is deliciously different because of the hidden treasure Lumnique where you can actually build your own bespoke candles. The color, the scent, the sentiment, everything! Keep reading for how the finished candle turned out...

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Gave That Lumnique Bespoke Candle Service
Carefully presented in a decadent box set I found my finished Lumnique candle complete with a little box of matches and card detailing it's meaning. Pure, peaceful white and the romance of gardenia's scent. Speaking of scent, this candle smells heavenly... sweet, buttery, fresh, everything a true gardenia embodies and lover longs for. Not an easy feat for a flower who's scent can veer into cloying so if their gardenia is this amazing I can only imagine how lovely their other scents, from frankincense & myrrh and almond blossom, must be.

Especially with this particular scent, I'm thinking major wedding favor for the bridal party and an unforgettable way to treat shower guests. Create your own bespoke candle here at the Lumnique site.

Gardenia hand poured candle c/o Lumnique, gorgeous!

Image: mam for Gave That


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