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Gave That Instajuntion Coasters DIY Gift Idea and Review
Who would have thought it but something that I've learned over the past few years is coasters make really, really welcome gifts. There have been times when mine were almost pilfered and demands were made as to where they could get a set. Of course if they happen to be vintage or my favorite limited edition John Derian, we're slightly in trouble. Thankfully there is still one way to trump all both of those... make your own custom ones out of Instagram images which was super easy at the new site Instajunction:

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Gave That Instajuntion Coasters DIY Gift Idea and Review
It all started with a beloved gift that I received ages ago from one of my siblings, a set of coasters featuring Spanish dancers from the 60's. They immediately came to mind while browsing the UK based Instajunction site which allows you to create everything from framed prints to wrapping paper out of your Instagram shoots (see mine here). It was literally as simple as clicking what you want to make, allowing Instajunction to access your Instagram account and dragging the pictures you want to turn into a gift. Everything then comes in the post a few weeks later and they actually feel way more substantial than I imagined they would be.

Snap a few vintage images and head over here to make your own. Who says John is the only one who can design something awesome?!

Coasters c/o Instajunction

Image: mam for Gave That


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