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Gave That a How To On Mailing Invitations by Amy Vanderbilt
Gave That An envelope inside and envelope How To Mail Invitations
Mention etiquette and Emily Post's classic immediately comes to mind but there was another grande dame who penned a book equally as good. Amy Vanderbilt. And if you can find an original copy from the 50's or 70's you've hit gold (ebay is my go to place). Especially right now as Amy really excelled in the areas of parties. Dinner, charity, New Year's, you name it she lays down the rules so everyone has a great time. That's really what etiquette is about, making everyone feel good and avoiding needless, unpleasant drama.

Here I wanted to share Amy Vanderbilt's take on the invitation. How to stuff it in so it pops right out easy to comprehend, enclosure cards (or anything from a little map to a special ticket) and the envelope inside an envelope:

1) The flat card or single fold
2) The flat card or single fold with enclosure card
3) The double fold with enclosure card tucked inside
4) A reply card with its own envelope
5) The envelope within an envelope

Thank you Ms. Vanderbilt. For more on the etiquette of enclosure cards and gift tags see my previous post here.

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