Etiquette: Enclosure Cards, Gift Tags & Holiday Cards - You Asked?

What's the etiquette concerning enclosure cards, gift tags and holiday cards? You asked!

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That's right readers of have flooded the site wondering about all their card giving options this year. Here is the 411 you need to know in order to stay sane and stream-line your gift giving:

Q: Do I need to give an enclosure card and a greeting card with my gift?

A: This is one of our most frequently asked questions! No you most certainly do not. Enclosure cards are supposed to stand on their own and are perfect for when the gift itself will be doing most of the talking. For instance a gift book on romantic poetry or a bundle of red roses. Enclosure cards also act as a simple gesture of letting the person know the gift came from you.

Greeting cards on the other hand are better suited when a gift is absent or the gift you're giving is more on the generic side.

Q: Do I need to use a gift tag and an enclosure card?

A: No for much of the above reasons. Also you should write the recipients name on the outside of the enclosure cards envelope, in essence turning it into the tag. You can even dress the outside of the enclosure cards envelope up for some unique gift design.

Q: When and why should I use a gift tag or enclosure card?

A: First, gift tags are a very festive touch that are perfect for happy occasions. Enclosure cards on the other hand should be used for more somber events such as funerals or a sick relative--also when you want to keep your wishes and identity for the recipients eyes only. Something rather important for office and other public settings.

Gift tags on the other hand are perfect for mass assemblages of gifts that will be going to different people. Hostesses can double their gift tagged gifts as place settings. They're also great for preventing people from mistakenly opening a gift for someone else and killing that persons surprise. Most gift bags come with gift tags attached so be sure to make good use of them!

If you have a gift question please feel free to leave a comment or contact us and we'll try to answer it here at in the future.

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