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'Tis the season... to do whatever possible to avoid the crowds! That's my personal motto during this time of year and I'm sticking with it. Shopping at this point is done so much online, that the amount of time I physically spend in crazy big stores is, well not too much. Which is why I was really intrigued when Fligoo emailed me about their new intuitive gifting site. See what happened when I took it for a spin...

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Started by Argentinian friends Jose, Juan, Marcos, and Lucas after Juan came up blank on what to get his MIL for her birthday (we've all been there with someone!), all you need is a facebook account and a friend. Learning about how Fligoo goes about finding gift ideas is rather fascinating. They delve into your friends profile and determine certain leanings such as if they're a hipster or obsessed with music. Then they cull a list from their partners such as Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble to either purchase then and there online or to add to a wish list for later on. All of this happens within a minute or two.

Two major things Fligoo has going for it is it is both super quick and easy to navigate. Logging in with your facebook account you then type in someone's name in the little search box. Once their profile pop's up Fligoo goes to work and a Pinterest-esk page appears filled with images of potential gifts. For my own foray into the service I made sure to choose someone I knew extremely well. Of course Fligoo probably appeals more to those in a similar situation to Juan, but this way I could see immediately if the gift picks were truly them.

Scrolling down the page one of the first things that appeared was a pair of crocheted headphones. Then came white unicorn chopsticks, a jar of pricey Glam Glow facial mask, Doctor Who knee socks and probably one of the best things ever, a Marimo moss pen (a pen with a glass terrarium on top housing a tiny moss ball). Oh and lot's and lot's of Revlon lip butters. Yes, it was uncanny how spot on Fligoo was in terms of finding things my test subject would love. Well about 70% of the time.

Now for the downside, one thing that I found curious is some of the gift picks were actually things that I would really like but I know my test subject would have zero interest in. It makes me wounder if my account is analyzed too or if some wires just got crossed? Also some of the gifts matches were only available in store which slightly defeated the purpose of the site. At the end of the day, everyone has to have facebook for Fligoo to work its magic and success probably is higher the more active they are.

Fligoo's gift search can be found here, take it for a spin and see what happens!

Gifts ideas c/o Flimoo

Image: mam for Gave That


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