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Close Shave Gift find from MicroTouch One on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Aesthetically speaking what guy wouldn't want this? Make that double if sending a plastic disposable (or 3) to the landfill every week fails to sit too well. Check out my latest old school gift find and fill the void...

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MicroTouch One Razor Gift Set Review on Gave That
This is probably one of those rare times when a little snooping ended up being a good thing. I noticed a rather dodgy looking antique that somewhat resembled a men's razor. Picking it up I decided the suspense was killing me so I had to finally ask what it was exactly,

It's a safety razor.
This is safe? It looks really old.
It gives the best shaves and it's all I use.

I put it back and kept a mental note, especially when they said they were having difficulty finding new razor blades to put inside. Fast forward to last month when I came across MicroTouch One's new version of the classic safety razor and knew it had to be shared here.

Still having access to the antique version, it was amazing how similar the two are. From the weighty feel in the palm of ones hand to the way you twist the bottom to unfurl the butterfly opening. The compartment where the almost paper thin, super sharp blades are housed and changed out. Only this time the razor here is brand new in shinny chrome and a mirrored gift box (instant Groomsmen gift if I've ever seen one).

So how does it work? Extremely well and close. No nicks nor skin irritation although those use to multi-blades &/or lubricating strips might find a little unwanted drag from time to time. It's really about personal preferences. Some guys I know refuse to ever use this style razor but every guy should at least give it a try once. It definitely looks good on the sink.

Order them over here.

Set c/o MicroTouch One

Image: mam for Gave That


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