DIY Mini Schultüte — School Cone

How to create your own mini version of the German Schultute or Zuckertute School Cone for Back To School Favors
— DIY Gift Idea —
What's a Schultüte? These traditionally handmade German and Austrian back to school gifts are housed in a huge ice cream cone looking bag called Schultüte or Zuckertüte. Most are filled with school supplies and candy and are said to date to the early 19th century in Saxony.

It was last year that I first discovered the childhood cheer known as a Schultüte. Looking through antique pictures some very happy and proud children emerged posing next to ornately wrapped gifts, in many cases, the same size as them. This really stuck out because during that time and well into the 1920's many gifts were not wrapped at all or if they were, very simply in tissue paper. It was such a contrast to see Schultüte's and all they're layers of patterned paper, ribbon bows, tissue paper and decoupage. These gifts were quite often given to children so they could exchange them with classmates in a secret Santa sort of way which must have fostered making some really good friends.

Here is a much smaller, miniature version which I could see being turned into party favors for any time of the year. They only need a few materials and some loving hands, here's how to make a few:

The How-To

A finished Schultute School Cone for Back To School or As Favors by Gift Style Blog Gave That

What You Will Need:
- Scissors
- Light cardstock or heavy paper
- Ribbon
- Tissue Paper
- Embellishments such as stickers, wrapping paper and paper punches
- Stapler, tape &/or glue

How To Do It:
1) Starting out I created a cone out of a sheet of thick paper and taped the seam in the back. Once that was done a strip of tissue paper was attached to the inside lip of the cone using glue.

2) The goodies went inside and the tissue paper was gathered together forming a poof that was secured with raffia.

3) Golden ribbon was used to hide the seam between the paper cone and the tissue paper. Then it was further decorated with gold embellishments and a polka dot here and there.

Inside are some school supplies along with healthy snacks including an Usana nutrition bar, Sunbutter, and gummy Power Sours vitamins by Rainbow Light.

Wishing everyone a very good start to the school year!

Image: mam for Gave That


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