Flips Headphones in White Racing Red on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Something to love and give this summer are these brand new, thoroughly unique headphones called Flips. Not only do they sound and feel great but the best part is when they're flipped outwards, they become speakers for a, as they put it so well,  social listening experience. Keep reading for more and a special perk...


White and Red Racing Stripe Flips Headphones with their matching carrying case Flips Headphones Review at Gift Style Blog Gave That
In the sand, while picnicking, while watching Danger : Diabolik on the lap top, we've been putting these new snug fitting Flip headphones through their paces and find them awesome. The flipping earcup speakers are definitely the best part. Probably spelling the final end for the return of the boom box for good, these feel a lot more comfortable on your shoulder (around the neck). Their matching zippered case with a carabiner attached is a really nice touch too. Something else different from other headphones I've owned is they do need to be recharged via an included USB cable from time to time. This was a very easy thing to do. Above, mine are in white/racing red with the other version at the moment being black and electric green.

Order your pair  here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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