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Floral Gift Box Using Roses and a Lily Leaf Bow Floral Gift Box Plate of Freshly Cut Roses by Gift Style Blog Gave That Floral Gift Box Using Roses and a Lily Leaf Bow
Right now, after doing the above, my hands smell exactly the way the original spicy Spanish Maja by Myrurgia did... playing with fresh roses from the garden is always such a treat. This time I ditched the vase and wanted to see if I could make a floral arrangement in the shape of a gift box or present. Here's how it turned out using miniature roses and how you can do it too:


  What You Will Need:
- A block of florists foam
- Fresh flowers (here I used very small musk roses)
- Wire floral picks
- Palm fronds, thick blade of grass or, used here a lily leaf
- Water misting bottle

How To Do It:

This is such an easy project with prep working probably being the hardest. Cutting the flowers leaving 1/2 to 1 inch of stem beforehand makes a huge difference and helps keep them in tact. Wetting the floral foam thoroughly is also important to keep the flowers perky.

Taking a square or rectangle of wet floral foam, take a thin leaf and wrap it around to form an "X" as for a present. Pin to the bottom of the foam. Then stick the flowers in the foam that is left exposed until fully covered. Mist with water.

To finish make a simple bow out of another thin leaf and attach it with a pin or pick to the center of the floral arrangement. That's it!
Pink Rose Gift Box Floral Arrangement

Image: mam for Gave That


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