Larken Bags — Packing It Up

Non structured little bags made in the US by Larken which make packing and changing bags easy not to mention to mention a cool reusable gift bag favor THE REVIEW by gift style blog gave that
For the longest time the search has been on to find a bag organizer. One that would make it easy to keep things in place, add pockets and make it quicker to change bags but they always seemed too big. Too structured. Almost a handbag in themselves. That's why I was so happy to find something perfect recently in the form of a lightweight drawstring bag by Larken Bags and had to share it here.

Created by Lauren Wilson and Kendra Dousette in Los Angeles, I love the way Larken's are made here in the US and are perfect for my bike panniers which can be bottomless pits. The same can be said for many of my totes which only have one —if that much— pocket inside. For anyone who loves taking bottles of perfume, water, ink pens, makeup, a Larken is a great saver for the inside of ones bag as well. Plus these would make lovely reusable gift bags and favors that you know would be instantly put to good use.
Using Larken in my bike pannier A brown Larken bag with my Rebecca Minkoff tote and Glass Handbag

Order your's here.

Larken Bag in brown c/o Larken (thank you Lauren and Kendra!)
Tote: Rebecca Minkoff
Handbag: Glass Handbag
Bike panniers: Basil Jada double bags

Image: Magda & mam for Gave That


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