Rituals of the Baths

Lovely handmade things that can turn any bath into a spa

With such a cool and gloomy past few seasons the steaminess of it all kinda feels good right now. The perfect segue into something else steamy and nice... the bath. Behold a few things that I've been meaning to share with everyone because it's never too early to start a wish list or late to spruce up a guest room.

The major, major piece being this unique handmade cedarwood bench which turns a basic bath tub into a spa. Bill and his wife Mae were kind enough to find me and let me know about their design creation the Butt Bench. Once put in place with suction cups it creates a removable seat which is perfect for doing ones legs, or it can be a table, a shelf for adding extra space to hold toiletries, a place to dry delicate things or even for reviving plants. Personally I like being able to soak sore feet without the fear of spilling huge amounts of water all over the floor. Filling a large bowl of hot water with herbs and essential oils to steam oneself is lovely too. A few other things that make a simple bath feel very spa:
Wooden Ma roller and Footsie massage tools
Wooden Ma-roller and Footsie are based on Asian medicine and pressure points. Handmade ButtBench in Ceder attaches to the wall of the bath tub creating a spa seat and shelfFlowers in a bowl of water DIY steam treatment
The cedarwood ButtBench with a DL Co Candle burning DIY spa
Candle's from D.L. & Co.'s classic line will always be near & dear for adding a gentle scent and warm glow.

Cedarwood bench c/o ButtBench, thank you Bill and Mae!

Image: mam for Gave That


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