The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies - Gift Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies Secret Ingredient
Grandma's cookies... the smell brings back so many happy memories, even if the recipe is a smidgen different now. The secret was always a heavy dose of pure vanilla extract and lot's of brown sugar but for the past year there have been a couple more secret additions thanks to this Neiman Marcus recipe and trial and error. The nice part is these secret ingredients can be added to any favorite recipe, no matter if the cookies are simple Toll House or an elaborate dough, chewy or crisp. The couple teaspoons of instant espresso coffee added depth that is almost malted or smokey to all.

No one ever guesses it's coffee making all the difference, the cookies simply vanish. To go even further, if the salt is left out of the cookie dough altogether, a little sprinkle of Fleur de Sel on top before they bake really has people asking for the recipe or more next year.
These Chocolate Chip Cookies Have A Secret Ingredient
Chocolate chunk cookies with dark, bittersweet and milk chocolate

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