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Halen Mon Vanilla Sea Salt " Kicking Off 30 Days of Classics Remastered ... A Housewarming Idea"
For the past couple of months, likely thanks to one too many William Powell flicks, I've been turning back to the classics when it comes to social gifts. Suddenly they fail to seem so stodgy after all, all those cocktail shakers, monograms and engravings. The trick is to find either the very retro or a form so new that it almost tricks the mind.

Kicking off this new devotion for the rest of this years giving is something I've been meaning to post here for some time... the housewarming gift... salt. Well, really part 1 of 3 as the traditional triage is salt, bread and a broom. Pure luxuries back in ancient times and, as anyone accustom to freshly baked bread knows, still incredibly luxurious.

When it comes to luxury class salt I think I've found it in the form of Tahitian vanilla infused sea salt by Welsh organic Fleur de Sel extraordinaire Halen Môn. For those of you not in the NYC area you can order it online for $14.00 here at Chelsea Market Basket or pay them a visit on 75 Ninth Avenue. The little brown canister is simply darling and perfectly giveable as is not to mention Halen Môn is known for making extraordinary salts.

The question begging to be asked, why vanilla salt? Probably because it sounds so much like an oxymoron and what's the likelihood someone else will be giving it, aye!? On the other hand this can be a perfect DIY project by splitting a vanilla bean and mixing the paste with pure sea salt crystals. Store in a sack or give in a little tin and away you go. Make decent sized batches and give them out during the holidays. Become Madam or Mr. Fleur de Sel Vanille. These salts really are perfect for so many things including on the rim of cocktails (think Margarita's and Hot Buttered Rum), sprinkled on top of caramels and chocolate bon bon's, used in my little pink popcorn recipe or on top of Crêpe's. Lobster and butters have been bandied about as well but try sweet little neck clams and white wine.

Image: Halen Môn

30 days and 30 classic gifts remastered? Sounds fab for the summer. For more ideas visit the Classics Remastered realm.


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