DIY Spiderweb Gift Wrap

How to create your own spider web wrapping paper and favor boxes for Halloween
Here's how to make your own wrapping paper and favor boxes covered in gleaming spiders web, inspired by an old technique leaned from a Hungarian watercolorist. The best part, I love how it can be used on recycled materials and as quick decorations!
DIY Spidersweb Gift Wrap

What You Will Need:
- Thick white paper or cardboard boxes
- Black acrylic or watercolor paint
- Paint brush
- A needle or pin
- Clear coat spray or hair spray (optional)

How To Do It:
1) Use 1 or 2 coats of black paint to build up the level of coverage that you want. Allow it to fully dray.

2) Taking the needle or pin start to drag it across the painted surface, first to create straight lines and then going back in and creating the webbing between.

3) Add a spider if you like, mine here was done with a gold paint pen.

4) Adding a layer of clear coat or hair spray over the top can help everything stay in place and be more easily handled.
Spooky spiders web gift wrap and favor boxes finished

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Image: mam for Gave That


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