Shabby Apple Picnic

A Shabby Apple Weekend Picnic

Finally, a lovely weekend and a chance to wear this skirt by Shabby Apple. A good while ago someone was kind enough to email and introduce me to the online women's boutique Shabby Apple filled with retro inspired pieces. The Andes skirt immediately caught my eye and they kindly sent one over. Here it is teamed up with a vintage top, fedora, neon yellow bag and some wooden wedges for balmy summer picnicking.
Wearing a skirt by Shabby Apple Vintage top and picnic basketOur picnic basket with a Polar Bottle PlateTopper some healthy snacks
In my basket a galactic Polar Bottle and food kept in place under a PlateTopper
Wearing Shabby Apple skirt and neon yellow Old Navy bag
Wearing Shabby Apple Skirt Vintage Top Picnic basket vintage
Top: Vintage
Skirt: c/o Shabby Apple
Picnic Basket: Vintage

More... find favorite picnic menu's here.

Image: Magda for Gave That


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