Noah Z. Jones Banana Cabana

Schultute back to school gift filled with goodies illustrated by Noah Z Jones
Something that I've really been meaning to share more at the blog are gift ideas for children because, let's be real, they're quite often some of most fun to shop for. 

Here's a newly launched line of goodies featuring Noah Z. Jones' quirky illustrations and the first season of Almost Naked Animals. Jones also illustrates Fish Hooks which had fans here already who agreed, after watching the first season, his new series about animals sans fur living in the Banana Cabana is snicker worthy and pretty entertaining.

Inside the Schultüte is a large cotton tote with "I Heart Duck", a shirt with Howie and Duck, the 1st season of Almost Naked Animals (the after school treat!), a notebook and pencils. c/o Child's Play Communications. Find out more and order at their new e-store here.

Hey, what's a Schultüte? These traditional German and Austrian back to school gifts are housed in a huge ice cream cone looking bag called Schultüte or Zuckertüte. Most are filled with school supplies and candy and are said to date to the early 19th century in Saxony. More on making some of those in miniature version here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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