Printing Moleskine

Moleskine printable popup for your journals or card making gifts 
- DIY Gift Idea -
Remember the deliciously whimsical paper printouts created by Hermes that had duel purposes as fun favors and envelopes for invitations? Well there is yet another hidden collection waiting to be printed at Moleskine! It's a pretty big collection too and includes collaborations with numerous artists and designers plus a new series of Jianzhi looking cut-out pop ups, gift boxes and sleeves. Find them in the MyMolskine area under MSK Templates - Workshops.

Above is a city pop up for their new, really cool Messages journal which folds into a mailable envelope, that could also be used on cards and gift wrap. Here are a few more that are lovely:

Moleskine printables with most needing an xacto knife double sided scissors and glue Printable Moleskine gift box
A DIY Moleskine looking gift box!
Printing Moleskine bookmarks by Anna Fedchenko and Rebecca Venn
Printable bookmarks by Rebecca Venn and Anna Fedchenko respectively. Moleskine printable paper caper in optical origami on present
A very origami looking Paper Caper from Moleskine as gift wrap.

Image: mam for Gave That | Printables by Moleskine


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