Chinese Paper Cut Jianzhi Gift Design Ideas

Something I'm always experimenting with is a way to make the gift wrap itself reusable. One way I like is to use gorgeously exotic and Gothic black Chinese paper cut art on plain white wrapping paper. Known as Jianzhi, this is an incredibly simple way to get results that are eye catching and intricately unique.

What This Looks Best On
Chinese paper cut art can come in a number of sizes but you'll most likely want to these a medium to large one as the whole idea is to the allow the gift recipient to cut it out and use it as wall art. This looks best on a large flat surface such as the top of a large rectangular or square box.

What You'll Need
- 1 Chinese paper cut piece
- Simple white, high quality wrapping paper (this is going to provide the support and contrast for the paper cuts later use as art)
- Can of spray adhesive
- Gift enclosure card or tag with instructions on how to cut the art out
- Double sided tape

This is very simple. After you have wrapped the gift (don't use too much tape so the recipient can easily open the gift, slip out the box and save the wrapping so that they can retrieve the art on top), spray the adhesive on the back of the Chinese paper cut and gently paste it in place of the top of the gift. Smooth it out so there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Write the card saying that the peper cut art can be cut out and framed by the recipient and attach it to the gift. You're done!

Don't have access to Chinese paper cuts (which are pretty easy to find and order online) and need this look fast? You can use black construction paper and cut out simple butterfly or dragonfly shapes... form them in a group on the top and viola! You can also get even more exotic by attaching traditional Balinese shadow puppets.


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