Packing & Shipping Gifts

A pretty box of beauty gifts from Tatcha with purple tissue paper and envelopes of cream Mulberry papers
Some of the best gifts come through the mail, especially when someone we love is far away... here are a few different ways to pack things up:
DIY rubber stamped tissue paper
Tissue paper stamped with rubber stamp images
Feathers used a packing
A feathery surprise
A box filled with crumpled recycled magazine pages
One time a box came filled with crumpled newspaper from India cradling the contents of an order and it was almost better than the item itself. Magazine pagers are great along with comics
mam for gave that packing a picture frame in rose petals
Dried rose petals used as packing

Beauty package: Tatcha
Sending a care package? See my lists of ideas and tips for sending them here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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