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My new red bicycle and helpful gifts for any bicyclist
About a month ago there was some very sad news, my trusty steed was going to have to be retired because the parts were likely only to be found tucked away somewhere in the Smithsonian. It's just too old I was told and, despite its checkered past, it was hard to think about finding a replacement. Until today! Meet the new and very red, yet retro looking, hybrid bike of my dreams! A million thank you's are in order, thank you so much.

Something that I've wanted to share with everyone for some time are all the goodies that have made riding my bike so enjoyable (and perfect for shopping). These could make awesome gifts too. First a water bottle that is easy (and chic) to carry indoors, a pair of sunglasses that keep in place, some bags such as the little one from Linus which holds the medical kit and the big panniers which are perfect for the farmer's market. As for a basket I've had my eye on the ones by Marie-Louise Gustafsson for a while now.

Red stitching on my bikeLinus bike bag on my bicycle Paniers on my bicycle by Basil of the Netherlands and handbag by Rebecca Minkoff

Pannier bags: "Double Jada" by Basil of the Netherlands
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Bag: Linus

Image: mam for Gave That


joe miczak said…
Great new bike! Cool car to!!
Gave That said…
Both are caliente! haha The car was a real motivator to choose this bike model. Thank's luv. xoxo

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