DIY Bow Belt

Gift bow on hat box using Grosgrain ribbon and a vintage bow tie which can later be turned into a prim beltBow tie and Grosgrain ribbon for making the DIY belt inspired by RodartaDIY bow belt using black Grosgrain ribbon and a vintage bow tie pin make your own reusable gift wrapping embellishments 
- DIY Gift Idea -

After rediscovering a vintage bow tie it made me remember my dearly departed Rodarte bow tie belt which went with almost everything. Next came what if this vintage bow tie was attached to some Grosgrain ribbon? and here we go. A DIY bow tie belt that's pretty close to the Rodarte. As always, any time gift wrap can be reused, it's a major plus and this is a simple way to hide a gift right in plain sight.

DIY Bow Tie Belt on gift box

Dress: vintage from Hong Kong
Bow tie: vintage

What You Will Need:
- A bow tie (for how to recreate the bow tie above see our tutorial here)
- Gross grain ribbon

How To Do It:

1) Cut a length of ribbon and attach the bow tie to one end. Put it around and fold the excess ribbon back on itself. Pin together.

Image: mam & courtesy Magda for Gave That


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