Watercolor Wrapping Paper - DIY!

DIY watercolor Happy Birthday wrapping paper using these simple techniques and recycled white parer
- DIY Watercolor Wrapping Paper -

Here's a quick, springy way to create gift wrap out of plain white paper and a few watercolor paints.
Watercolors creating pretty dreamy gift wrap quick
What You Will Need:
- Watercolor paints
- A white pencil or crayon
- White paper

How To Do It:
Draw designs, words &/or doodles on the white paper with your white pencil or crayon then go over these designs with light washes of watercolor paints. The pencil or crayon resists the paints showing through as white. Allow to fully dry, lightly iron as the paper gets a bit wrinkly and it's ready for wrapping!

For more gift wrapping ideas and tutorials see the gift wrap inspiration area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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